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Legal notices for social media.


Legal Notice - Imprint

Both within and outside of Volkswagen AG, transparency and open communication are a matter of course. You can find important information about Volkswagen AG and how you can contact us here.

VOLKSWAGEN AG is a publicly quoted stock corporation under German law, with its registered office in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Chairman of the Board of Management:
Herbert Diess

Board of Management:
Herbert Diess (Chairman)
Oliver Blume
Jochem Heizmann
Gunnar Kilian
Andreas Renschler
Rupert Stadler
Hiltrud D. Werner
Frank Witter

Postal address: Berliner Ring 2, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany

Tel.: +49-5361-9-0

Fax: +49-5361-9-28282

Email: kundenbetreuung@volkswagen.de

+49-1802-865 579 243 6

VOLKSWAGEN AG is entered in the Register of Companies at the District Court of Braunschweig under number HRB 100484.
The sales tax (VAT) registration number of VOLKSWAGEN AG is DE 115235681.

General Terms of Use

The personalised informational services offered by Volkswagen AG are subject to terms of use.

The contents provided on these websites are for informational purposes only and are not legally binding, provided the information is not subject to the provisions of the German Energy Consumption Labelling Ordinance (details about fuel consumption and CO2 emissions). Vehicles listed on these sites are partially equipped with special equipment packages at an extra charge. Details about delivery, appearance, price, performance, dimensions and weights of vehicles correspond to the information existing at the time the data was input. In this regard, we expressly reserve the right to make changes. All information pertaining to equipment and accessories, prices and technical specifications are based upon German market characteristics.

Some information is provided by our partners. Please note that for these services our partners’ terms of business are applicable and that with the inclusion of their websites on Volkswagen AG’s websites we are not making any endorsement or providing warranty. Volkswagen AG is not responsible for these contents. These providers are not Volkswagen AG’s vicarious agents under any theory of respondeat superior.

Volkswagen AG’s websites contain links to websites, which are operated by third parties. Volkswagen AG is not adopting any third party sites made available via such links as its own and is not liable for the contents thereof.

In your use, you are to observe copyrights, registered names, trademarks and other legally protect rights of third parties. For example, all Volkswagen AG websites are legally protected including all pictures, music and brands like „Volkswagen“ and „Golf“ used therein. This also applies to the legally protected rights of all of our companies within the Group. These websites as well as these terms of use are not to be understood as Volkswagen AG having granted a licence or other type of proprietary right. You shall refrain from any and all improper use of the services.

If applicable: When you use the so-called „Tell-a-friend“ features, you, as the message dispatcher, are responsible for the fact that the recipients you have chosen are in accord with the receipt of the message. If this is not the case, then you shall indemnify and hold us harmless for any and all costs, expenses and liability incurred from third party claims.

The liability of Volkswagen AG, its representatives and vicarious agents for slightly negligent breaches of obligations shall be excluded with the exception of breaching essential contractual obligations („cardinal duties“, meaning such obligations, the fulfillment of which even make it possible in the first place to duly execute the agreement and adherence to which the other party may nor-mally rely on) as well as the injury to health, body, life and for express warranties made by Volkswagen AG and according to the provisions of the German Product Liability Act. The liability of Volkswagen AG, its representatives and vicarious agents shall be limited to settlement of direct damages that are contractually typical and foreseeable for the type of service. It shall particularly not be liable for a loss of profit.

If applicable: Please note that if you send an email using Volkswagen AG’s contact template this information will be transmitted in an unencrypted format and therefore no guarantee of confidentiality or integrity of the email can be made.

Volkswagen AG reserves the right at any time to expand or curtail service or any portion thereof or modify features. The high-speed development of the internet requires that we modify and amend our terms of use from time to time. Please be sure that you are familiar with the most updated version of the terms of use.

The use of services as well as these terms of use shall be interpreted, governed and controlled by the laws of Germany, excluding therefrom German conflict of laws and provisions.

User statement of proprietary rights; Licence for rights

a) The User declares upon his or her agreement and consent according to these Terms of Use that he or she has the requisite proprietary rights to the material released to Volkwagen AG, especially the right to upload the material to Volkswagen AG’s platform for the described use according to letter b. of this section and that he or she is not aware or has knowledge of any other contrary rights held by any third party. In this regard the User is specifically requested to strictly pay attention to the existence of and compliance with any third party rights, especially for any photographs, images or film material.

b) Furthermore, the User shall grant, transfer and assign to Volkswagen AG upon his or her consent and agreement hereto the right to use the material without limitation that has been uploaded or otherwise inserted onto the platform by another means (comments, valuations) on the platform for comment and valuation by other users. Participants shall allow Volkswagen AG the right to adapt or edit any material submitted. The participant shall have no right of publication for any material submitted.

c) If any third party should assert a claim against Volkswagen AG in connection with the licence granted by the User for the material in this declaration, then the User hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Volkswagen AG harmless for any and all claims asserted by such third parties.

Data Protection Declaration

The protection of your privacy when using our websites is particularly important to us. That is why we thoroughly inform you about the retrieval of anonymous and personal data below:

Anonymous data collection
Generally, you can visit Volkswagen AG websites and apps without informing us about who you are. We only receive the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you connect to our site, and the websites visited. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes. As an individual user you remain anonymous.

Retrieval and processing of personal data
Personal data will only be collected when you yourself give us this information, for instance, if you execute an agreement, participate in a survey or register for personalised services.

In the context of Volkswagen’s personalised services, your registration information, conditioned on your consent, will be processed for advertising and market research purposes as well as the tailoring of electronic services. Moreover based upon your consent, the information retrieved by you from your visit to Volkswagen portals will be assembled to create a user profile in order to furnish you individually tailored sales promotions.

This information will be transmitted in an encrypted form in order to help prevent misappropriation of the information by third parties. Your information will be processed in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Use and dissemination of personal data
Personal data collected from Volkswagen AG’s websites and apps where you have not given consent will only be used for the conclusion of a contract and processing your enquires. Beyond this, the use of your information for advertising or market research purposes as well as the tailoring of electronic services will only be carried out if you have previously consented to it. The use of your information for personally tailored sales promotions will likewise only be conducted where you have given your consent.

Your consent to use your information for the aforementioned purposes may also include the transmittal of your information to companies within the Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen partners (dealers and garages) selected by you. There will be no dissemination to third parties.

Effective prospectively, you may, of course, revoke your consent at any time.

If you have additional questions regarding the subject of data protection at Volkswagen you will find corresponding answers in our FAQs. In addition to this, you can receive information about your data and make suggestions at any time via email:

Volkswagen AG Data Protection Representative


Frequently asked questions regarding the protection of data privacy

You would like to know how Volkswagen AG uses your information or you have other questions about data protection? You will find basic answers on the following pages.

1. What is personal data?
Personal data means information that is attributable to a certain person, for example, your name, address, telephone number and email address. Information that cannot be directly linked to a particular person is not considered personal data. If you use our personalised services, order a product or take out a subscription, we will request specific personal information from you.

2. What are personalised services?
Personalised services are services, which require registration using personal information. The goal of these services is the convenient and expeditious orientation of our online offers directed toward your personal interests. Your registration information can be viewed and altered on all Volkswagen portals on which you registered using personal information at any time by clicking on the link „Edit Profile“. Naturally, you can delete your data at any time. If mandatory information is deleted, this will lead to you no longer being able to take advantage of personalised services.

3. How will my information be used by Volkswagen AG?
Personal data collected from Volkswagen AG’s websites where you have not given consent will only be used for the conclusion of a contract and processing your enquiries. Beyond this, the use of your information for advertising or market research purposes as well as the tailoring of electronic services will only be carried out if you have previously given your consent therefor. The same is applicable to the processing and use of your information for the purposes of tailoring sales promotions to you.

4. What does Volkswagen AG mean by advertising and market research?
With advertising and market research we mean:
Information about vehicle programmes (e.g. models)
Information about services (e.g. financing, insurance, leasing)
Information about customer loyalty programmes (e.g. travel offers)
Customer surveys (e.g. regarding customer satisfaction).

5. What do we mean by personally tailored sales promotions?
Where you have given your consent, we create personally tailored sales promotions and an individual user profile for you within the context of our personalised services. For this, the registration information that is collected for the use of our Volkswagen portals and the stored data regarding the use of our services (frequency, duration and content) are combined in one database. In this database, registration data and information about use are automatically evaluated in order to create a user profile to reconcile with service and product offers. Once this has been completed, we can then tailor our sales promotions to you. You are spared being beleaguered with unnecessary information and we can address you in a more targeted manner by using your information. The user profile allows us to provide you with personally tailored promotional information via email if, for example, you have saved information about your ideal car in the car park section of the Consultation & Purchase portal. Naturally, we only create the user profile using information from your activities within the Volkswagen portals.

6. What are cookies?
A cookie is a small dataset, which can be stored on your hard drive. This dataset is created by the web server which you have connected to using your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) and is then sent to you. Using the cookie, you can be recognised when you revisit a website without the need to re-enter information already provided.
Most browsers are normally set to automatically accept cookies. However, you have the option of setting your browser to reject cookies or alert you to their presence. Moreover, you can also delete cookies on your system at any time (e.g. in Windows Explorer). For this, use your operating system’s help function or refer to the help page.

7. Does Volkswagen AG use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies on some of our web pages. We generally use cookies to perform an analysis of interest in our websites. Our cookies for personalised services do not contain any personal information and are only used to provide you with the most comfortable and secure service possible. This is utilised in such a manner for personalised services that you do not need to continually re-enter your user name and password to identify yourself for every individual page of the offer. In order to make this possible for you, we use so-called „session cookies“. These cookies are deleted when you close your browser. In order to furnish you with our personalised services, it is necessary for you to accept our cookies.

8. Do I have a right to information?
You naturally have the right to know which personal information has been stored about you. For this, please contact Volkswagen AG’s Data Protection Representative.

9. Do I have a right to change or delete information?
Effective prospectively, you have the right to revoke your consent for the use of information at any time, either partially or entirely. In this case, we will delete your corresponding information, unless this would be contrary to law or there is an accounting or business reason not to do so.
In the area for Volkswagen’s personalised services you can change your user account by using the link „Edit Profile“ or deregister using the function „Delete Profile Data“ which will completely delete user information.

10. Will my information be disseminated to third parties?
Your information will generally not be transmitted to third parties. A transmission of information to companies within the Volkswagen Group or other third parties named in the declaration of consent shall occur only with your consent and providing the these recipients have agreed with Volkswagen AG about legal data protection provisions.
In the course of processing your enquiries and your use of our services, we engage service providers. These service providers are contractually obligated to comply with legal data protection provisions and are not considered third parties within the meaning of data privacy laws.

11. Does the data protection declaration also apply to online forums and chat rooms?
Communication in online forums and chat rooms that have been made available to you by Volkswagen AG’s sites are part of the public domain. Therefore, the declaration of data protection does not extend to this type of transmission of your personal data. Please be aware of this when using this service.

12. What is applicable for text messaging and email services?
Via Volkswagen portals, Volkswagen AG provides you with the option to use services for text messages and emails subject to the right of personal privacy.

13. Does this data protection declaration also apply to the website of other providers?
These declarations regarding data protection are not applicable for other providers’ websites, which can be linked to via Volkswagen’s websites. Therefore, please observe the respective provisions of other providers regarding data protection.

14. What technical security measures are there regarding the transmission of my information?
Volkswagen stores personal information in a secure business environment and it is not accessible by the public. In certain cases, for example, with the input of your password, personal information is encoded before the execution of the transaction by using a security procedure. Our server uses the Secure Socket Layer- (SSL) technology in order to protect your personal information. This means that communication between you and the corresponding Volkswagen AG servers occurs using a recognised encryption process (at this time SSL-Version 3, 128 Bit). If your browser supports SSL, the transmission of personal data will be protected using this function. In this case, most browsers show you whether or not the security protocol is supported using a dialogue box or an icon. Almost all modern browsers support SSL. If due to the limited functionality of your browser there is not option to use SSL, we recommend the use of the most recent version of Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, which you can download free of charge from the internet.

15. Will my user connection data be saved?
Volkswagen AG will save your connection data when you visit the websites (e.g. IP-address, etc.).
We will only process or use this data beyond the termination of the connection inasmuch as it is necessary for the establishment of additional connections, where applicable, for purposes of invoicing, investigating disruptions in telecommunications equipment and investigating misuse of our telecommunications services. We will delete your connection data at the latest one-day after the termination of the connection.

16. How does Volkswagen AG protect minors?
Since the protection of minors is very important to Volkswagen AG, we refrain from sending advertising to minors, provided we are aware of the age.

17. Amendments to this data protection declaration
The rapid development of the internet makes it necessary for us to amend our data protection declaration from time to time. We will alert you to changes inasmuch as the respective contents of your declaration of consent are affected. Please refer to the latest applicable version of our data protection declaration in this respect.

18. Contact person for enquiries or information requests
For enquiries, comments, complaints as well as information requests in connection with our declaration regarding data protection and the processing of your personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Representative who can be reached at the following address:

Volkswagen AG Data Protection Representative

Volkswagen Social Media Rules

The official Volkswagen social media platforms are dedicated to all Volkswagen fans and drivers. We want to keep in touch with you and hope that you join the conversation and share your photos, videos and personal views related to Volkswagen. As it is important to us to ensure a friendly and constructive atmosphere, we have committed ourselves to comply with the following set of rules and we expect the same of you:

  1. We respect our users, their individualism and their opinions, even if they do not reflect our opinions and encourage respectful and peaceful dialogues for every user of this page. Everyone is welcome to post praise and criticism alike as well as discuss with fellow fans as long as the posts comply with rules 4.) to 6.).
  2. We reply to comments including questions or asking for help as soon as possible.
  3. We respect the rights and views of third parties.
  4. We delete any illegal, misleading, unethical, discriminating, defaming, pornographic or violent material or information posted on this page as well as posts that violate the rights of Volkswagen and third parties and also reserve the right to block users from using this page.
  5. We don't tolerate spam and reserve the right to delete posts and block users. We consider the following actions as spam:
    a. Replies to status updates and fan postings that are off-topic and disturb other fans.
    b. Multiple posts with the same content by the same person, even if they are phrased differently.
    c. Posts containing advertising and materials as described in 4.)
    d. Posts that are obviously unrelated to the topic of this fanpage.
  6. We don't allow the upload or attachment of commercial content or content protected by intellectual property rights or privacy laws or content containing viruses or otherwise corrupt material. We reserve the right to delete this content and block users from using this page.
  7. For customer complaints, please refer to your local dealer or your local service hotline.
  8. We do our best to answer all your queries, but to help us to answer your queries as quickly as possible, we ask you to refrain from copying previous correspondences with your dealer or other authorities onto our wall, as this will not prompt a sooner reply from our side. Furthermore we reserve the right to ignore elaborate posts that exceed a certain length.