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Volkswagen factory visits

A glimpse behind the scenes

Come on in! We are opening up our factory halls to you. On our tailor-made tours through the different vehicle production areas, we show you how a Volkswagen is made. Discover the fascinating variety in the production at our sites with our experts and experience up-close what makes a Volkswagen unique. We look forward to showing you around!

The Volkswagen Wolfsburg factory

Come with us as we delve into the fascinating world of vehicle production and experience the perfect symbiosis of the traditional and the modern at the main factory in Wolfsburg. 

View of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg

From a traditional company to a factory like no other

Ever since the legendary Beetle first rolled off the production line in 1945, this factory has gone from strength to strength. Spanning more than 6.5 km², the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg is now the largest automotive plant in Europe, employing more than 60,000 people.

Site visit

Approx. 200,000 visitors a year come to Wolfsburg to experience the production process. On our tailor-made factory tours through the different production areas, we give you an exclusive, close-up insight into how a Volkswagen is made. Experience it live.

Bird’s-eye view of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg

Volkswagen Braunschweig factory

At our oldest site, everything revolves around axles, steering units, battery systems, tool making and mechanical engineering.

Two Volkswagen employees at their workstations on the factory floor

An all-round talent in the Volkswagen production network

Brunswick (Braunschweig) is where the very first Volkswagen AG factory was established. Today it is synonymous with advanced technical expertise in innovative battery systems and state-of-the-art electromechanical steering systems. The site is one of the biggest world-leading producers of chassis components. Production and development take place under one roof.

Site visit

The Braunschweig factory is the oldest Volkswagen factory of them all. It is now part of the Components Group within the Volkswagen Group and the lead plant for the areas of chassis and battery systems. With its three plants, the site is now synonymous with advanced technical expertise and is one of the world’s premier chassis component factories. Some 7,000 people work here. Many products are made in Braunschweig: axles, steering systems, brake pads, pivot bearings, shock absorbers and, of course, battery systems. For the ID.3 alone, the majority of chassis components originate from Braunschweig. Moreover, entire production systems are built in the tooling unit. On the tour, visitors experience a combination of tradition and modernity and a classic production facility. 

A bird’s-eye view of the Volkswagen factory in Braunschweig

The Volkswagen Emden factory

Visit the Emden factory, where the Passat has been built since 1978.

Two Volkswagen employees assembling the front section of a Passat

A factory by the sea

The Volkswagen factory in Emden was founded in 1964. The first Beetle rolled off the production line that very same year. It was followed by many other models. Today, the Volkswagen Passat, Arteon, Arteon Shooting Brake and the fully electric ID.4 are made at the Emded factory. Our factory tour has been specially designed to take groups of visitors through the production facility and enable you to experience vehicle production up-close in our ‘factory by the sea’.

Site visit

The Volkswagen factory in Emden is the biggest employer west of Bremen and north of the Ruhr valley. To date, a total of over 12 million vehicles have been produced here. The factory covers an area of around 4.3 million square metres. The site also includes storage areas for vehicle shipping and a test track.

A female Volkswagen employee holding the control unit of an assembly robot

The Volkswagen commercial vehicles factory in Hanover

Visit our Hanover factory on a virtual tour with live audio commentary. This is where the popular T series and the fully electric ID. Buzz are built. Experience the fascinating world of automotive production from the comfort of your screen at home.

Volkswagen Bullis hang on a production line on the factory floor

Production of the legendary ‘Bulli’

Production of the ‘Bulli’ microbus at the Hanover-Stöcken plant got under way on 8 March 1956. Here, some 9.23 million T series vehicles have been built to date. Explore the diversity of our products and their production stages, from the pressing plant (photo) and paint works through to vehicle assembly.

Site visit

With some 13,500 employees, the commercial vehicle factory in Stöcken is the largest industrial employer in the Hanover region and, with almost 600 apprentices and students on an industry placement, is also the largest industrial apprentice provider. The factory spans some 1.1 million square metres, which equates to the size of approximately 152 football pitches.

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A forklift truck in a large production hall

The Volkswagen Kassel factory

Dear sir or madam,

Thank you for interest in a tour of the Kassel factory.

The Visitor Services department in Kassel is currently undergoing renovation. No factory tours are available until this work is completed.

We kindly ask for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you in person to our new facility after the break.

Best wishes,
The Visitor Services team in Kassel

The Volkswagen lettering on the roof of the Kassel factory

Manufacturing and logistics centre

The Volkswagen factory in the Baunatal district of Kassel has been making transmissions and chassis parts for many Group brands. What’s more, the Kassel factory boasts the largest and most advanced logistics centre in Europe.

Site visit

Explore many different areas of the second-largest Volkswagen factory in Germany and watch as more than 16,500 manufacturing employees work on various transmissions and myriad chassis parts.

A bird’s-eye view of the Volkswagen factory in Kassel

The Volkswagen Salzgitter factory

The Salzgitter factory produces engines and engine parts for the Volkswagen Group brands.

Production hall at the Salzgitter factory

The engine factory

More than 55 million engines have been produced at the Salzgitter site since the factory was established in 1970. The Volkswagen factory is one of the largest engine factories in the world and covers an area of 2,800,000 square metres. Each day, around 250 trucks and 40 railway wagons arrive at and leave the site. Up to 7,000 engines in over 370 variations are produced here each day – from 3-cylinder to 16-cylinder models.

Site visit

There is a rich diversity of production at the Salzgitter factory. It covers petrol and diesel engines for cars and commercial vehicles as inline, V, V-inline (VR) and W models. All brands of the Group are supplied from this pool of engines. Our factory tour gives you an exciting insight into all the stages of work in production – from metal processing for manufacturing engine components, through to assembly of the power units.

Bird’s-eye view of the Salzgitter factory

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