Check if your vehicle is affected  

With the VIN Check, you can see whether your vehicle is affected by current natural gas recall campaigns. If you have further questions, you'll find the right contact person here.

Information on the new natural gas recall 20DP VW Touran

In the previous recalls 20X7, 20Y8 and 20X4, Volkswagen AG had already ordered the replacement of the gas cylinders in natural gas vehicles of different model series. The models affected by these recalls were the Touran, Passat and the Caddy.

Any possible corrosion on the gas cylinders in affected vehicles can cause gas cylinders to burst. There is a considerable risk of personal and potentially fatal injury. As there may be repeated occurrences of corrosion around gas cylinders in individual cases, the vehicles Touran EcoFuel (5 and 7-seater) and Touran TGI (7-seater) must be returned to the garages to complete the new recall campaign 20DP.

The recall campaign 20DP consists of deactivating the rear two cylinders (range restriction of approx. 20%), as well as checking the front two gas cylinders for corrosion. The front two cylinders may be deactivated if corrosion is found to be present.

In the near future there will be another campaign (already being planned) in which the deactivated gas bottles will be exchanged. There will be separate information on this! Please enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) below and find out whether your Volkswagen Touran is affected.

As the owner or holder of a Volkswagen Touran, please contact a Volkswagen dealership immediately. You will receive a corresponding certificate from this dealership after the 20DP recall has been carried out. Even if this unscheduled workshop visit is inconvenient for you, we hope for your understanding and support in handling this measure. We appreciate your trust in the Volkswagen brand and hope that you will continue to be loyal to us.

Check if your vehicle is affected

Using your vehicle identification number (VIN), you can check online whether your Volkswagen is affected by the natural gas recall campaign and whether rectifications are necessary.

What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17-digit number by means of which your vehicle can be clearly identified. You can find it in Part I of the Registration Certificate and in the lower area of the windscreen.