UEFA EURO 2020 Munich

Munich – blue pride and red records

FC Bayern have dominated in Munich for decades. But that wasn’t always the case. 1860 Munich enjoyed success first. But things might have turned out differently if a young Franz Beckenbauer hadn’t been slapped in the face.

FC Bayern have dominated in Munich for decades. But that wasn’t always the case. 1860 Munich enjoyed success first. But things might have turned out differently if a young Franz Beckenbauer hadn’t been slapped in the face.

This is our local Marian

An electric tour of Munich with Wincent Weiss

Right now, Wincent Weiss is bringing “the good times” together with Johannes Oerding with their official tournament song selected by ARD, “Die Guten Zeiten”. The pop star was out and about in Munich ahead of Germany’s game against France. Using Volkswagen’s Free Chauffeur*, he was driven around the city within the limits of the service’s operational area (stadium not included). The service can be easily booked from the official UEFA EURO 2020TM app.

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Travelling through the Bavarian capital in Volkswagen’s new fully electric ID.4 was a familiar feeling for Weiss, who himself drives an ID.4. I believe electric driving is more dynamic than many might realise. The most important thing is obviously your reduced ecological footprint”, says Weiss.

Weiss is optimistic that the German national team will get back to winning ways at the UEFA EURO 2020TM championships. “Germany have proven many times before that they are a tournament team.” In addition to team spirit, he is counting on two Bayern players in particular.

*Availability of Free Chauffeur service and waiting time depending on the time of day during operating hours, number of free vehicles, and your location within the operating area.  

Note: Supply of UEFA EURO 2020TM Mobility Shirts is limited and depending on the time of day during operating hours, and number of available free t-shirts. 

ID.4 - combined power consumption in kWh/100 km: 16.9-15.5; combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A­+. Vehicle shown is equipped with extras.

Date of release: 06/04/2021

buntkicktgut: multi-cultural street football

The buntkicktgut project was launched in Munich after the Yugoslav Wars and has now spread to Germany’s largest cities. Initially founded to help children from refugee countries, anyone who is football mad can now play against each other in a proper league.



July 2
Belgium – Italy

On his final matchday in Munich, Marian visited FC Pipinsried – a football club based in a tiny village outside of Munich with only 580 inhabitants. He showed us the charm of amateur football in all its honesty. In the evening, he saw Italy go through to the semi-finals after an exciting win against Belgium in a bona fide classic between two elite teams. What a final for Munich at these fantastic UEFA EURO 2020™ championships!

Date of release: 06/04/2021

The new ID.4 GTX: More power, more style, more fun

With the new ID.4 GTX you don’t have to compromise any more. Dual motor and four-wheel drive guarantee sustainability, racy performance and driving fun all in one car.

Matchday 3

June 23
Germany – Hungary

This evening of football in Munich truly had everything that fans love, need and want to see. Drama, emotions and a comebacks a minute. A very colourful and emotional night.

But Marian was showing its colours long before kick-off. The decision by UEFA to refuse to allow the stadium to be lit up in rainbow colours did not stop our local from setting an example and celebrating diversity in football. Whether on a bike, using the Free Chauffeur service or in the stadium itself: Marian and the whole of Munich have shown that football is a riot of colour- and will stay that way.

Date of release: 06/04/2021

Matchday 2

June 19
Portugal – Germany

Munich Part II.
There was a lot to do for Marian: First, he quickly charged up the the ID.4 at the charging station before he went through the fan and football atmosphere of Munich before the match between Germany and Portugal.

And even though the second match of the group stage was about everything, the real highlight could be seen before the kick-off - our ladies and gentlemen of the #Heldenkader. Marian was able to meet the dream team from 2020 in person, speak to them and give them a high five before they went to the stadium together.

Date of release: 06/04/2021

Matchday 1

June 15
France – Germany

At last the action is under way in Munich. Germany was last of the selected host nations to stage a game. Marian didn’t just enjoy the drive to the stadium in the new ID.4, but also the atmosphere in and around the stadium – all in perfect summer weather.

Date of release: 06/04/2021