UEFA EURO 2020 St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg – a city at its football zenith

While four big traditional clubs vie for fans in Moscow, St. Petersburg has only Zenit – which, however, has dominated football in the country for several years.

While four big traditional clubs vie for fans in Moscow, St. Petersburg has only Zenit – which, however, has dominated football in the country for several years.

This is our local Vladislav


I can hear you, football

Football is a game for all senses. You can see, smell, touch and hear it. But what if hearing isn’t possible? If that sense is completely missing? This is just normal everyday life for Margarita Nikulina (31) from St. Petersburg because she is deaf. Yet that does not deter her from giving everything she has got on the pitch every day.

In her football team for deaf women, Margarita believes that the most important thing is “to sense your teammates on the pitch and to play with intuition because you can’t hear each other on the pitch or communicate with one another”. Friendship and trust are critical here.

A sign of her passion is the fact that, after a ten-year hiatus caused by injury, she battled hard to return and re-established herself on the pitch. That is what football is all about: passion and limitless determination, no matter what obstacles fate decides to put in your way.



July 2
Switzerland - Spain

Vladislav showed us a really special natural phenomenon that occurs in St. Petersburg – the “White Nights”. For all intents and purposes, the skies in St. Petersburg do not get dark during the summer and, as a result, the city is also teeming with activity at night. On his final matchday, he got to experience all the drama. Spain beat Switzerland in a thrilling penalty shootout and made it through to the semi-finals.


Matchday 3

June 23
Sweden – Poland

At the end of the group stage, we got goosebumps once again in Saint Petersburg. First of all, Vladi took us over the rooftops of his city and showed us the breathtaking panorama at sunset. Then, we were in the stadium, watching Poland and Sweden fight for a place in the next round. And breathe!


June 21
Finland – Belgium

Vladislav was very active this time, as he took his bike to show us some cool spots where the youth of St. Petersburg likes to hang out. In the evening he experienced a beautiful sunset close to the stadium and saw a strong Belgian team beating Finland.


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Matchday 2

June 16
Finland – Russia

St. Petersburg goes crazy!

The city is excited about the UEFA EURO 2020TM. Vladislav saw this for himself and strolled through the UEFA fan zone for us. The perfect place to get in the mood with other fans before the match.


Matchday 1

The UEFA EURO 2020TM championships have now reached St. Petersburg, too.

Our local, Vladislav, stood in front of the arena on the eve of the first European Championship match between Belgium and Russia and enjoyed the calm before the storm as well as the fantastic setting in perfect weather for football.

However, that calmness was nowhere in sight on the day of the match itself. Chants, flags, colours and a pure football atmosphere were all on show here. And the game was some spectacle, too.

June 14
Poland – Slovakia


June 12
Belgium – Russia